RandomINC by Matthew R. Lewis

Welcome to the hub of my assorted RANDOM projects! Chances are that you linked here from one of the web pages that i developed and/or currently maintain (listed below) or something on YouTube that brought you here (videos are listed below as well). In any case, thanks for visiting!


www.klugemedia.com is my new commercial home for Kluge Media, a business umbrella which consists of website design, graphic design, photography, videography, and media distribution. It is an official business enterprise, but don't expect me to be leaving my day job!

www.cystinuria.org is the online home for the International Cystinuria Foundation (501(c)3). Click on the link and donate some money to a great cause. Everyone participating in the Foundation's administration is a volunteer, meaning all contributions get to the right places. Plus, i hear the president will send you a nice thank you note if you do. What better reason do you need?

www.rarekidneystones.org is the online center for the Consortium for Hereditary Causes of Nephrolithiasis and Kidney Failure, an international collaboration of researchers dedicated to the study of cystinuria, primary hyperoxaluria, Dent disease, and APRT deficiency.

www.pmf.colostate.edu is the new webpage of the Proteomics and Metabolomics Core Facility at Colorado State University. The old site is no more - it has been replaced with a design by Creative Services at CSU, adopted by the Vice President for Research. So i can't take too much credit for it.... i just keep it well maintained and up to date. We have also created a commercial site to promote the use of the PMF's N-terminal sequencing capabilities.

http://vpr.colostate.edu: Since February, 2007, i have participated in a team of Research Website Content Managers to redesign and brand all departments under the Office of the Vice President for Research here at Colorado State University.

www.nyborglab.com is the online home for the Nyborg Lab, laboratory of my good friend Dr. Jennifer Nyborg at Colorado State University. This website was selected by "The Scientist" magazine judges as one of the top 10 best lab websites, and actually won the "readers choice" award for "Best of the Web" in their 1st anual "Lab Website and Video Awards (LWaVAs)!!

www.hlewis.net is the personal professional website for my father, Harry Lewis. Resume, blog, links, etc.

www.teamalpine.net, home of Team Alpine, is where we stash our outdoor recreation photos under the humorous (to us, at least) fictional titles of Greg, Ace, and Sheryl (Team Alpine). In reality its just Damion Pechota (my brother-in-law), my wife Kathy Lewis and me out as recreational "weekend warriors", but its more fun when you pretend to take yourselves way too seriously. Visit the website for pictures of us and our friends out and about in Colorado (and beyond!), and for a full explanation of why we call ourselves Team Alpine.

www.diversifiedimagingsupplies.com is the current employer of my good friend Krista. She mentioned that their company needed a website, and i obliged by providing this main page, with an offer to work with them to complete the rest. I don't know who is in charge of web marketing over there (it's not Krista!) because the site has sat more-or-less empty for quite some time. In fact, they've managed to loose parts of it (note the missing black above the navigation menu). If you ever want to continue this, shoot me an e-mail!

more websites are always in development..


One of my favorite hobbies is creating short videos from whatever stock footage i have laying around. The idea is that the product is far more interesting than the original film because of creative editing, effects, music, etc. It is worth noting that most (if not all) of the music i use comes from clips of songs that i like. All credit is given here to the original artists, as well as links to where you can purchase their albums.

Matt in the Colorado Bioscience Association video

Colorado BioScience Association Video

I had nothing to do with the making of this video, except for the fact that i am actually in it! Therefore, i can not resist linking to it. I only vaguely remember this film crew coming into our facility. I normally try to stay out of the way for events like this, but somehow ended up in the film a number of times. Click on the images to be sent to the Colorado Bioscience Association webpage, where you can view the entire production! Keep an eye our for me and my Macromolecular Resources friends!

Lewis Wedding Groomsmen

A video (purely for the entertainment of my groomsmen) produced with footage taken by Jim Crowell, Damion Pechota, and Matthew Lewis at the wedding of Matthew and Kathy Lewis (June 18, 2005) in Estes Park, Colorado. The music is "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" by Tomoyasu Hotei from "Electric Samurai", although you probably have heard it on the Kill Bill movie/Volume 1 soundtrack!


A video showing SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in ~120x time (constant voltage). Note the stained markers on the right. Done in my time at the Nyborg Lab, but filmed in the Yates building on the Colorado State University campus where i spent a year teaching the Comprehensive Biochemistry Laboratory (BC404). A special thanks to Mara Miller for bumping the apparatus midrun. ;-)

David the Hibachi Chef

David (the Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse chef) shows off his skills. I "produced" the video which was shot by my good friend Onyx Mueller using his Cannon still camera. Worth noting, the last time we were at Hibachi, Onyx asked the chef (who was not David) if he or David had actually seen the video. The chef informed us that David had come across it, downloaded it to his iPod, and shown it to everyone there! Pretty cool...

The music is a clip from Gene Simmons's remake of "Firestarter", originally by The Prodigy. This version features Dave Navarro and can be found on Gene Simmons's solo album, "A**hole". Nice, huh?


RandomINC is just an idea that covers my diverse projects and general tinkering. It's a great example of how learning, when fun, can really get away from you. Next thing you know, you're actually developing a portfolio of work. Who'd have thought?


If you have comments on any of the above websites or some kind of RANDOM media project that you would like to discuss developing, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at Matthew.Lewis@colostate.edu. Thanks for reading!


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